Not sure what I’m trying to accomplish with this blog

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Lifes "challenges"

So I made this account last week….feeling inspired and ready to share something amazing with the world….maybe make my mark on the minds of many…..but that feeling, was a little discouraged while having to stop and think and decide on a theme, details, menu’s and tags etc….

I have really been trying to get myself to write/type a daily journal- of the cute/silly things my kids say- that light up my day…and of the moments, I can swear I have figured out one of life’s mystery’s…come to some understanding about something….but within a blink of an eye….forgotten…gone to the place all my most powerful thoughts go

So maybe me making this blog, is my window to my soul- so my mind will give me back my deepest thoughts- and instead of maintaining this “still learning” lifestyle, I can embark on the true adventures of life- with clear mind and open eyes.

Laura 09/25/11


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