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video of her daughter 🙂
Short but sweet
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As is a many a women out there, I too am a “single mom”…not sure where to start on this topic…being a single mom definitely has its challenges, just the not being able to share the daily tasks- its all me, all the time who my kid(s) want the attention from, to “look mom”, “mom i want”, “mommy can I have…”,”mom I’m bored”…so on and so forth….my specific situation is that I have two wonderful kids- a son who is almost 8 and a daughter who is almost 3- My kids have different dads- my sons dad: TOTAL DEADBEAT never interested in him, has seen him a total of maybe 5 times in his whole 8 years of life…My son also has “high functioning” autism- he was diagnosed when he was 2…For the most part Bryce (my son) is a pretty normal kids….except he does the “hand flapping” sometimes spacey and very hard to get his attention…has had different repetitive movements/behaviors over the years- the most recent, and hasn’t been an issue for the past couple months was licking his thumbs and the outside of his mouth. I was 20 almost 21 when I had Bryce…I didn’t have life, responsibilities, or discipline figured out yet….and so I made a choice, to either drag my baby boy around with me, while I figured out life…or let my parents keep him safe and stable till I got a grip…I chose my parents…and it took me till he was around 3 1/2 to figure out how to keep a job, be responsible about money and to rent a place of my own (with 2 other roommates in a 3 bdrm house). I went back and forth to my parents till I had my own (shared) place…which I could have continued living at if I wanted to…but I was pregnant again- by my then boyfriend- who I (thought) I loved very much….and I wasn’t comfortable staying in the house- all preggo- with friends comin and goin…it wasn’t a “party” house, but it definitely would have been a downer to be the naggy pregnant girl, and then a major bust to bring a baby into the care free, work in the day, have fun at night vibe that house had- so I chose to move back home to my parents to finish my pregnancy and bring my 2nd child home there- till my “baby daddy” and I worked out some personal issues and figured out how to combine our finances ect…which we did when our daughter was 6months old. So…that was a couple of years ago- and here I sit, in the same place he and I got together, but he moved out over a year and a half ago because I threw all his cheating, lieing, sneaky shit out one day 🙂 My son still lives at my parents- and will continue to do so, until it is in his best interest to move with me…just want to add- a big factor with autism is stability, comfort…my parents house is the only home he has ever known, and they live in a great city with a great school system- so he is in 2nd grade at a really good elementary school…oh, and has his own room, and yeah- he is better where he is…So I live not even 5-10mins away, in a not so great city, but not in the worst part of the city…in a one bedroom lil cottage type place with my daughter- I share a room with her- I got her a cute little toddler bed, after having her crib next to my bed….which- ever sense her daddy moved out, i have let her sleep in bed with me for the most part- so her little toddler bed is used as a all her toys are thrown on bed 🙂 anyway- her dad is much different then my sons dad- very involved- very much inlove with his daughter- which I love that he loves her so much- BUT….I don’t really like him! lol….I honestly dont hold grudges from our 3 year relationship against him anymore, but he is the kind of ex boyfriend I would never have spoken to again…if it wasn’t for our daughter….he’s a loving daddy- but he sucks as a co-parent and a financial contributor etc….ahhhh- I’m tired of complaining- forgot what my point was to this blog post- I’ll check back as soon as it comes back to me~



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So I made this account last week….feeling inspired and ready to share something amazing with the world….maybe make my mark on the minds of many…..but that feeling, was a little discouraged while having to stop and think and decide on a theme, details, menu’s and tags etc….

I have really been trying to get myself to write/type a daily journal- of the cute/silly things my kids say- that light up my day…and of the moments, I can swear I have figured out one of life’s mystery’s…come to some understanding about something….but within a blink of an eye….forgotten…gone to the place all my most powerful thoughts go

So maybe me making this blog, is my window to my soul- so my mind will give me back my deepest thoughts- and instead of maintaining this “still learning” lifestyle, I can embark on the true adventures of life- with clear mind and open eyes.

Laura 09/25/11

Our Children

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I came across this post and thought it was sweet:

Baby asked God:

“They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?” God said “Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you” The baby asked “Who will protect me?” God said “Your angel will defend you even if it means risking their own life” The baby said “God please tell me my angels name” he replied “You will simply call her Mommy”.




Hi, So I am Laura…28 (29 in January)….I have recently posted my 3rd adopted related video to my youtube account….and when I did, again I saw the suggested videos to the right- that have similar tags to mine….I watch a lot of them, sometimes drowning myself in hours of adopted stories/video, good and bad…and a flood of emotions always take over….

I not only want to blog about the specifics of being adopted, but also my life in general-as it is today- without mentioning being adopted, but always knowing I am here, and I have THIS life because my birth mother chose adoption.

Speaking of my birth mother….I found her a little over 2 years ago…a little after my 26th birthday…and met her face to face around Easter 2009….Her name is Theresa…and that is what I call her….she had 2 more kids after me…all of us are 10 years apart a daughter who is now 18 and a son who is 7 (almost 8)- Her son…my biological brother is just a couple months younger them my son who is also 7 (almost 8)…so while I was pregnant with my 1st child- I had no idea- some where out there, my birth mother was also pregnant with her 3rd…

If you haven’t noticed..I keep referring to her as my “birth mother” and will continue to do so, as well as calling her by her name, Theresa….and My parents, whom adopted me- I will keep calling them my parents- and I consider them my “REAL” parents…their names are Barbara and Charley….

Well I’m going to finish this first post, since honestly I could keep going on and on, for days 🙂 and will post back when anything random/important/interesting etc pops up- ok…bye all

till next time 🙂